kali linux

How to download and install Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a free and open-source distribution of the Linux operating system. It is specifically designed for penetration testing and Security Auditing. It is based on Debian and is developed and maintained by Offensive Security, a cybersecurity training and certification company.

kali linux
kali Linux

What can we do with Kali Linux

One of the key features of Kali Linux is its collection of pre-installed penetration testing tools. These tools include a wide range of software for tasks such as network discovery, vulnerability scanning, and password cracking. Its make Kali Linux a popular choice among ethical hackers and security professionals for testing the security of their own networks and systems, as well as for conducting penetration tests on behalf of clients.

In addition to its collection of security tools, Kali Linux also includes several other features that make it a useful operating system for penetration testing and digital forensics. These include :

A custom kernel that is optimized for wireless injection and other penetration testing tasks
Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures

A lightweight Xfce desktop environment that can run on older or less powerful hardware
– A custom package manager (APT) that makes it easy to install and update software

A live CD/USB feature that allows users to boot the operating system directly from a CD or USB drive, without installing it on a hard drive

Kali Linux also offers other useful functionality as well as customization capability, user can customize the distro to their specific needs with the help of scripts and tools. In addition, it also offers a large community support, that is helpful for troubleshooting, resolving bugs and getting help with any questions you may have.

How to download Kali Linux

To download Kali Linux go to Kali.org and click the download button :

Kali Linux Homepage

The web site offers several methods to install kali Linux :

Kali Linux download

It depends on how you want to use it, you can use Kali Linux as a Live image on a CD/DVD or USB, that allow you to have access to a full bare metal Kali install without needing to alter an already-installed operating system. Or you If you’re running a Windows operating system, you can use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to run a Kali Linux distribution. and other methods are available.

In this article we will download Kali Linux as an ISO file. So choose « Installer Images » option and download the installer ( In my case I use torrent file ) :

Kali Linux download ISO


Install Kali Linux

I will use Vmware workstation to install Kali Linux. Create a virtual machine with the minimum following requirements :

RAM : 8G

– CPU: Quad core

HDD : 20 Go

1- Power on the virtual machine and choose « Install » :

Kali Linux Installation

2- Select your language and click Continue :

Kali Linux : Select a language

3- Select your Location :

Select your Location

4- Select Keyboard Layout :

Configure the keyboard

5- Configure the Network :

Configure the keyboard

6- Enter the Hostname for your kali Linux VM :


7- Enter a domain name if you have one :

Domain name

8- Enter a full name of the user

Full name of the user

9- Enter the user name and the password :

user and password
user and password

10- Configure the disk partition ( I used the entire disk) :

Partition disk
Partition disk

11- I choose to separate /home, /var and /tmp partition

Partition disk

12- Finish Partitioning and write changes to disk

13- Select your Desktop Environment and continue :

Wait until the installation is complete :

14- Choose « yes » to Install the GRUB boot loader and choose the device /dev/sda

15- Finally reboot your system :

After rebooting, login with your user account :

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