6 Best Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs) for Linux

In this blog post, we will discover 7 best mail transfer agents for Linux system.

But Before we get into that, lets see what is MTA.

Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs)

Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs) is a software that transfers emails between the computers of a sender and a recipient. 

Popular MTAs include Postfix, Sendmail, and Microsoft Exchange. In this article we will talk about 7 agents MTA for Linux.

Postfix :

Postfix is a widely used and highly regarded MTA known for its security features and simplicity. It is designed to be modular and easy to configure, making it an excellent choice for both small and large email systems.

Sendmail :

Sendmail is one of the oldest and most established MTAs, with a powerful and feature-rich design. While its configuration can be complex, Sendmail remains a popular choice for those seeking a robust and customizable email solution.


Exim is a flexible MTA that comes pre-installed on some Linux distributions. It is known for its configurability and supports a wide range of authentication methods.


Qmail, developed by Daniel J. Bernstein, emphasizes security and simplicity. It has a modular architecture, making it easy to understand and configure. Qmail is an excellent choice for those prioritizing security in their email infrastructure.


Part of the OpenBSD project, OpenSMTPD is a lightweight and easy-to-configure MTA designed with security in mind. It offers a simple configuration syntax, making it accessible for users who prioritize ease of use.


Courier-MTA integrates both a mail server and an MTA, providing a comprehensive solution for email services. It supports popular email protocols such as POP3 and IMAP, making it a suitable choice for organizations requiring a complete collaboration suite.

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