How to install s-nail on Red Hat 9

s-nail is a mail processing system that provides a set of utilities for sending, receiving, and managing email.

You probably tried to install xmail on your redhat 9, and your system tels you that there is no package with this name. Well that’s normal because s-nail is an evolution of the traditional Unix mail utility (mailx) and is designed to be a more feature-rich and modern alternative.

In this tutorial we learn how to install s-nail on RHEL 9.

Install s-nail on RHEL 9

First update dnf database with dnf using the following command.

# dnf makecache

After updating dnf database ,install s-nail with the following command :

#dnf install s-nail


Create the Maildir Directory:

First make sure the Maildir directory exists in your home directory. If it doesn’t, create it using the following command:

# mkdir -p ~/Maildir/{cur,new,tmp}

If those directory doesn’t exist, you will get a message error like :

/root/Maildir/sent : no such entry, file or directory

Update the ~/.mailrc Configuration:

Open your ~/.mailrc file (if it doesn’t exist, you can create it) using a text editor such as nano or vim :

-Add the following lines, replacing your_smtp_server with the address of your SMTP server.

-Ensure that the set spoolfile and set record lines point to the correct folders within the Maildir directory

set smtp=your_smtp_server
set spoolfile=~/Maildir/
set record=+sent

Save the changes and exit the text editor.

Test Sending Email:

After making these changes, try sending a test email with s-nail commande bellow :

# echo "Test message" | s-nail -s "Test"

If the configurations are correct, this should send the email without errors.

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